• 10% discount on dozen orders (mixed or straight).  Chiaro (key-ah-row) is the bright, lively, modern wine in our range. This 2018 vintage is made from Tempranillo (80%) and Grenache (20%).  Sam and Bernie handpicked the Tempranillo on seven different days across the harvest season, with 45% whole bunch in the ferments. Inspired by a traditional process, we made a small batch by drying lower ripeness bunches on racks for two weeks, before crushing and fermenting. The Tempranillo has a complex range of bright berry characters together with some richer flavours from the dried batch. The Grenache adds more perfumed characters and a hint of rose petal. To preserve its beautiful freshness this wine is unoaked, bottled early and ready to drink now. We have taken the word Chiaro from the Italian art term 'chiaroscuro' which describes the use of light and shade. 'Chiaro' is light, and 'scuro' is dark.
  • 10% discount on dozen orders (mixed or straight).  Made from hand picked Shiraz 56%, and Grenache 44%, this Rose´ is fermented dry to make a clean and crisp wine. Strawberry and raspberry characters are balanced with savoury elements and a refreshing dry finish. Enjoy well chilled!
  • CELLAR RELEASE 10% discount on dozen orders (mixed or straight).  Our old dry grown Grenache bush vines were planted in 1886. They deliver intensely flavoured fruit. We blended it with Shiraz (26%) to create a rich full bodied wine. The gnarly Grenache vines grow fruit packed with flavour and earthy savouriness. It has Turkish delight and tart cherry characters with warmth and sweetness, and savoury dusty tannins. This wine is now showing some beautiful aged characters together with a great retention of fresh fruit. Single Vineyard, own vineyard. Vines planted 1886. Ferment initiated by wild yeast Handpicked, Hand plunged Matured in old French Oak Unfined (so vegan friendly!) & Unfiltered
  • CELLAR RELEASE 10% discount on dozen orders (mixed or straight).  Dark chocolate, black currant, cherry, olive and crushed leaf flavours together with aged complexity and dense tannins. With the cellaring done for you it is drinking beautifully now. Having said that, you could certainly mature it for another 10 years in a good cellar.