Provenance Trophy Timber Box set

///Provenance Trophy Timber Box set

Provenance Trophy Timber Box set


Rojomoma triumphs over big names of Australian wine to win the prestigious Red Wine of Provenance Trophy at the 2017 Australian National Wine Show in Canberra, with their Red Art Shiraz.

The trophy is awarded to outstanding Australian wines that have shown a consistency of style and quality over many years. It celebrates wines with a sense of place and an ability to age and improve in bottle. Three vintages of the same wine, with the same label, spread across at least ten years are judged as a group. The winning wine was the Red Art Single Vineyard Shiraz from the 2016, 2010 and 2006 vintages.

The National Wine Show of Australia is a competition for the best of the best as only wines that have received a medal at a qualifying Australian wine show can be entered. Winning the coveted Wine of Provenance trophy is a huge achievement for any winery as it is the only award which judges three wines together, not just one individual wine.

To commemorate this fabulous achievement we now have the limited edition The Red Wine of Provenance Timber Box Set. The beautiful, engraved and hinged timber triple bottle box contains one of each of the winning vintages…Red Art Shiraz 2016, 2010 & 2006.

This is a wonderful commemorative pack for you to keep, or give a gift to someone special.

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