Yesterday the Australian wine industry, the Barossa region, a huge number of friends and a beautiful family lost an amazing man in Bob McLean.  A passionate, energetic and inspiring man.  He was working until the end – working to help other people.  Personally, I was blown away by his dedication to the wine industry and his tireless efforts to support others.  He set the standard for not just the Barossa wine businesses, but for the whole Australian wine industry, to work together and support each other in order to achieve greater success. Unfortunately I didn’t get to show Bob his final pages in my book.  He was going to join my vintage festival lunch next Friday and  I was really looking forward to celebrating with him and enjoying some more of his entertaining stories. Bob was extremely supportive of my project to publish this book and for my associated events.  Only two weeks ago, while he was feeling very sick with the flu, he rang me to offer his help.  He was prepared to do anything he could to help me succeed because he felt it was so important to support people doing something different to help the wine industry.  I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know Bob.  Here are Bob’s pages in my book which showcases some Barossa winemakers with their hobbies. Click here to read Bob McLean pages