Designing labels is an interesting but challenging job.  I love to be able to use my photography in my designs, but beyond that it’s quite difficult to come up with a concise concept for the complete package.  I am about to embark on the design for our Reserve/Limited Release/Cellar Release/Single Barrel/Super Premium etc etc wine.  I am over those typical words used to differentiate wines on quality/price level. So I’m working on some ideas to brand and describe my wine.  I think I’ll call it Raj’s Pick.  We have 1 child – our 6 year old son Raj.  It seems like a nice idea to name our extra special wine after him.  Our grape growing and  wine making is small and very hands on.  We feel like we know each vine on a personal level.  When someone asks which variety is my favourite I feel uncomfortable answering because it’s like having a favourite child, and that’s not fair.


The name Raj, short for Rajan, is Indian and means the King.  We chose it after meeting a Raj once (not an actual King, just someone called Raj) and thought it was a pretty cool name.  So Raj’s Pick is kind of like saying the “King’s Pick” which I think refers to the “best of the best” or maybe “fit for a king”.  It’s tempting to put a photo of Raj picking his nose (one of his favourite past-times still) on the label of Raj’s Pick, but it might be a confusing message.  I’m going to print them myself on some beautiful paper and hand-apply the labels.  I can’t wait to see my beloved printer spitting out my new label for me to touch and hold.


Once I’ve come up with the front label I’ll obviously need to tackle the back.  I want to keep it fairly brief.  Maybe I’ll just describe what the name means and a few words about the wine, like how it contains maximum awesomeness.

I’ll get it all together, slap it on the bottles and hold my breath while I await the first responses.  OK, I have some vision.  Now I just need to get started!